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4 Great Reasons to Buy Drop Arm Awnings

Have you been considering buying drop arm awnings for your residential or business property? Perhaps you have never given it a thought before this article? Either way, here are 4 great reasons to buy them.

drop arm awnings

Reason 1: Flexibility

One of the best things about drop arm awnings is just how flexible they are. With the ability to use them only when you need them, they can blend into the background when not being used, while being ready as soon as they are required.

Reason 2: Simple and easy

What many people love about drop arm awnings is how simple and easy they are to use, whether you go for either the manual, or automatic operational method. With a manual method simply wind a crank handle to extend the awning, or if you prefer to use a motorized approach then this can also be installed, ensuring that you barely have to lift a finger.

Reason 3: Shade and shelter

Another great feature about drop arm awnings is their ability to provide either shade, or shelter depending on the weather conditions. In the summer, wind your awning out to provide a cooler and shadier area in your home, or business, while also protecting yourselves and customers when there is any rain.

Drop arm awnings can also be extended partway, allowing you to have control over how much shade they provide. This can be particularly useful for a restaurant, for example, where certain customers may want sun while others desire shade.

Reason 4: Design and advertisement

Our last reason for purchasing drop arm awnings, though certainly not the end of their list of benefits, is the ability to add your own design, color scheme or advertisement to them.

For residential use, you can pick or choose a design that fits in with the rest of your house, ensuring they blend in with the surroundings. For a business, this is even more of a useful feature as it allows you to have your company name, slogan, logo or other design advertising your business.

This looks particularly effective in cafes, bars and restaurants, helping to catch the eyes of any passers-by. For the advertising factor, which can be done in a tasteful and elegant manner, it is sometimes worth the cost of investing in drop arm awnings for this alone.